We love Research

We all have our personal beliefs. We love to base ours on scientific research and we highly encourage you to join us. It’s fun! Our favorite online research databases:


We love technology

We love to test and review all kinds of beauty and health treatments as long as they don’t require exposure to toxic chemicals. Infrared sauna blanket? Vit. D lamp? Derma pen? Vibrating plate? Hyperbaric chamber? No fake reviews! We test it all and we promise to give you our honest opinion.

Team work makes the dreamwork

We believe that everybody is an expert in their own field. You are too! Let’s use our talents and create an amazing community because together we can Green Up the World! All your constructive input is appreciated as long as it’s respectful to other people’s feelings and beliefs.

Our Mission

We are here to experience life. In fact we want to squeeze the most out of it in the best possible way. We absolutely love a healthy lifestyle but we love the “guilty pleasures” as well… C’mon… who can say “no” to ice-cream, a big fat piece of pizza or even a refreshing adult drink every now and then? We believe in a balanced life. Why limit yourself if you can just Green Up all those guilty pleasures, balance them appropriately and enjoy them in a healthy way? Example? Home made ice-cream, fresh green juice, organic pizza and a glass of pinot noir after a fun day of rock climbing! No more limits. Life has so much to offer, let’s live it to the fullest and let’s Green It Up!

  • Visualizing our dreams 100%
  • Researching and planing 100%
  • Working hard towards our goals 100%
  • Enjoying every step of the way 100%

Our Dream Team

headshots coming soon 🙂

Karolina Krauz-Bergman

Karolina Krauz-Bergman


Karolina loves to create. She has a true passion for natural health & beauty and DIY projects of all kinds. She’s an award winning photographer, traveller and a guidance counsellor – trained Demartini method facilitator with a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling. She was born in Poland where she grew up with a great sense of community that she utilizes in her creative projects. She has a warm and curious personality that helps her to connect with a variety of people she works with. Karolina and Michael are happily married since December 2011.

Michael Bergman

Michael Bergman

Health Expert

Michael is a real adrenaline junkie and truly free minded and driven individual who we can proudly call our Health Expert. He has an extensive background in human anatomy and physiology – Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology followed by 4 years of post-graduate education. He’s naturally gifted at most of the extreme sports known to man including kiteboarding, skydiving and rock climbing. He always follows his dreams and visions no matter how crazy they may sound to others. The word “impossible” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.

Sarah Padela

Sarah Padela

Culinary Expert

Sarah is a true magician at coming up with healthy gourmet meals and snacks. She has a unique esthetic sense that she naturally spreads around like a fairy wherever she appears leaving those places homy and beautiful. She is one of the most loving and carrying people on the planet. Her amazing energy and uplifting attitude inspires everybody around her to follow their wildest dreams. Sarah was born in Pakistan and raised in New York. Her culturally rich upbringing made her an extremely open minded, social and a free spirit person.