What is it all about?

Hey You!

Welcome to the Green It Up! Club. I created this blog to share my journey through a holistic lifestyle and bring the community of like-minded people together in order to inspire each other and spread the message out there. And the message is simple – Green it Up! That means – live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life in any circumstances by simply turning on a one “green light” at a time. That applies to your:

  • body (exercising, eliminating toxins and giving your body everything it needs to be healthy and energized),
  • mind (self realization, dissolving emotional baggage and limiting beliefs so you can be truly fulfilled in life),
  • soul (mindful living, prayer and meditation, deep breathing, energy work).

Life has so much to offer! Live it mindfully. Strive for being the best version of yourself. Notice and use all the wonderful recourses you have available and Green Up Your Life!


Your Life Potential

 Unbalanced life causes frustrations that lead to depression and anxiety. Getting rid of your emotional charges is the first step towards achieving the Emotional Freedom. But there is more! To Green Up your life means to balance and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. You don’t have to be a total “health nut” or a “zen master”. But you do need balance.

  • Countering toxic ingredients with better options,
  • Dissolving your physical, chemical and emotional stress,
  • Choosing healthier ways in communicating with people,
  • Improving everyday lifestyle,
  • DIY beauty projects and crafts…

That’s what the whole “Greening It Up” is about. A one healthier choice at a time.

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Naturally healthy on a tropical trip

          If you've ever traveled to another country or even a state you may have noticed how extremely different from each other they can be. Because of their unique climates each geographical area on Earth has it's own bacterial flora and viruses specific to this...

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How to make Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera plant has tons of benefits for the skin and overall health. But did you know that it's super easy to make your own Aloe Vera Gel and obtained this way substance is actually one of the purest, most potent and powerful skin care products you can treat your...

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Agar-Agar Peel-Off Mask

Don't you just love peel-off masks for their convenience and simplicity? No mess, no stains, no hard to remove patches on your face... just straight up peel off and you're good to go. I certainly love them! That's why I was really happy when I found out that I can...

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About me

Karolina Krauz-Bergman

Karolina Krauz-Bergman

Holistic Counselor

Karolina is a Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Demartini Method Facilitator with a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling. She loves to create and has a true passion for natural health & beauty, art and DIY projects of all kinds. She’s an award winning photographer and a pasionate traveller. She was born in Poland where she grew up with a great sense of community that she utilizes in all kinds of creative projects and workshops. She has a warm and curious personality that helps her to connect with a variety of people she works with.


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Holistic Aproach

We experience life on 3 equally important levels: Physical (body), Mental (mind+emotions), and Spiritual (prayer, meditation, energy) and they are inseparable

Healthier Choices

Take something ordinary and Green It Up! Choose cooking ingredients that support your body’s natural processes, not suppress them.

Beauty is Health and Health is Beauty

What do you think your skin needs the most to look glowing? You guessed it right. Antioxidants, well balanced symphatetic – parasymphatetic state (no chronic stress) and properly balanced diet.

Clear your mind

Dissolve any emotional charges so you can focus on fulfilling your true purpose.

Green color...

is proven to have calming, stress-relieving yet invigorating effects and it also boosts creativity!

What happens to your body in the presence of the green color?

Your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed and your blood histamine levels increase.