I hope we can all agree that having a First-Aid Kit around – wether you’re at home or traveling – is a smart thing to do. It can be a real life saver when you cut yourself, get sunburned, have a food indigestion, get stung or bitten by a bug, develop a fever and oh, so many more equally unpleasant situations.  If you read my older articles you may know that I always try to find natural alternatives to medications. Not that they’re evil (well ok, some of them really are! :), but if you can avoid them and replace them with natural alternatives that actually work, why not? I personally tested this Natural First Aid Kit in all kinds of painful situations. I use it when I’m traveling but also I always make sure I have all the ingredients at home in case of an emergency.


Natural First Aid Kit

  1. Probiotics – make sure you continue taking your probiotics during the whole trip. Billions of strains of good bacteria will line in your stomach and intestines creating a strong protective barrier from all the potential harmful viruses and bacteria
  2. Arnica montana is great for relieving pain and helps bruises heal very quickly.
  3. Vit. C with bioflavonoids and Vit. D3 – they can be a real life savers. Both boost your immune system immediately shortening the time your body needs to fight any infection, fever etc.
  4. Minerals and Electrolytes – electrolytes are a medical term for salts (which are in fact minerals), speciffically for electrically charged ions. They are however many more minerals your body needs to function properly. They get flushed out of your body by sweating, diarrhea, vomiting etc. so chances are, that you may need some extra minerals if you’re traveling to an exotic place. I use black mineral powder containing over 77 different types of minerals and it also has some probiotics. It’s amazingly helpful with treating heat strokes, dehydration caused by not drinking enough water, diarrhea or other stomach issues. I usually dissolve a scoop of electrolytes or mineral powder in my water bottle when I’m planing on a going for a long hike. A fantastic natural source of electrolytes is coconut water.
  5. Iodine (preferably Lugol’s solution) or Hydrogen Peroxide – this is a total must. Even a tiny scratch can lead to a serious infection if you don’t disinfect it, do not ignore it! If you happen to be stuck in a remote tropical place without an immediate access to your first aid fit – coconut water has amazing antiseptic properties as well.
  6. Artemisinin, Goldenseal, Neem Leaves, Fenugreek, Echinacea – each and every one of them has very strong abilities to fight an inflammation, fever – especially effective on malarian and dengue fever and flu-like symptoms. Pick the one that works for you.
  7. Activated Charcoal – it can be your best friend during the first few days of traveling when your body is adapting to a new place causing some stomach issues
  8. Camomile tea – helps with stomach issues. Then you can use tea bags for itchy skin, puffy eyes, rushes, bug bites etc.
  9. Black Seed Oil – amazing  anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties. Proven in stimulating human body to kill cancer cells and the most resistant strains of bacteria and viruses including HIV, staphylococcal,tuberculosis, influenza (flu), gonorrhea, candida, and malaria (type of parasitic infection)
  10. Wormwood and Black Walnut extract (or essential oils) – These will take care of all the harmful organisms like worms or parasites that enter your body. You can also go to your natural health store and get a mixture of oils or extracts with the same properties (like Paratrex formula – wormwood, walnut, neem, cloves etc)
  11. Oregano oil – very strong anti macrobial, anti bacterial (effective against various bacterial infections, such as Candida albicans, staphylococcus, E. coli, campylobacter, salmonella, klebsiella, the aspergillus mold, giardia, pseudomonas, and listeria), works like a shield against toxins and parasites. Mix a couple of drops of oregano oil with a tea spoon of coconut oil and hold it under your tong for a few minutes 4 times a day.
  12. Frankincense oil nice relief from bug bites
  13. Garlic, GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract), Colloidal silver – natural antibiotics. unbelievably helpful with fighting any infections in your body
  14. Aloe Vera gel – amazing relief for sun burned skin, itching, bug bites etc.
  15. Baking soda – so many uses, that it’s hard to list them all in one article. Mixed with water into paste makes a great bug bite remedy, 1 tea spoon dissolved in a glass of water stops nausea and other types of indigestions, taken with water a couple times a day kills fungi, mold and parasites, reduces duration flu-like symptoms, treats urinary tract infection etc., etc., etc…
  16. Coconut oil – coconut oil contains caprylic acid which has medium-chain fatty acids that have anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial components. Used topically makes a great natural shield from many harmful organisms, also works like a charm for itching, rushes and bug bites.


I didn’t include the most common First Aid items: band aids, elastic tape, scissors, thermal blanket etc., but that goes without the saying. Please do not replace the standard First-Aid Kit in your car with this DIY kit as most of the items are completely natural plant based and do not work well if left in a hot temperature for an extended amount of time.

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