We created this page in a response to many questions we get about the specific products and brands we like to use for our projects. Some of these items are linked to our affiliate programs which means we get a small commission if you buy products using these links, it doesn’t however change the price for you. In some cases it may actually be lower because of the discounts we were able to get as a growing community of Green It Up! Club. Note, that we only recommend products that we have personally used and/or believe are beneficial to you. We believe in fair and healthy lifestyle and therefor we do not agree to promote anything that we believe may cause any harm to your body due to toxic ingredients, poor construction etc. We deeply appreciate your support and helping us run the blog by using our affiliate links. Here is our Affiliate disclosure.

Our Go-To ingredients, supplements, favorite gadgets

and natural brands we like

These are some of the ingredients we use for our DIY project, supplements we take daily and things we use at our homes, nicely put into categories.*

*Note, that many of the ingredients are also supplements and vice-versa.
Please check both both tabs to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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What we use and what we like:


Live Superfoods

These guys really know how to Green It Up! It’s pretty hard to find a good source of naturally fermented food in a form of supplements and they definitely have a good selection of it. That’s one of our favorite things about Live Superfoods.

Nutiva Products

Pure, organic unrefined coconut oil, delicious hazelnut chocolate spread, super healthy hemp and chia seeds, coconut flour and sugar… and much more healthy awesomeness made by Nutiva.

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Organic Coffee Beans

If you like to drink coffee like we do… remember to always choose organic beans (not pre-grained). It may not seem like a big deal but it really is. Freshly grained organic coffee is actually good for you. It has tons of antioxidants and therefor it works wonders to your body. We like to drink this dark roast coffee in the morning with our DIY gold mix.

Essential Oils

Plant Therapy is a nice alternative to dōTERRA in terms of an exceptional quality of their oils and additionally they have a good selection of organic oils. One of the things that convinced us to this brand is the fact that all their quality testings are publicly available and trackable to each bottle by a number – that means that you can check what exactly is in your bottle.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is like an outlet for organic and natural products. Their prices are usually 25-50% lower then regular prices on the market. It’s definitely our favorite place for finding great deals on all kinds of products.

Dr. Bronner’s
Castille Soap

This is probably the purest and most natural soap you can get. We use it daily not only in a bathroom but also for many fun DIY projects.

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Body Balance from Life Force

We haven’t been affiliated with Life Force until recently but we’ve been using their supplements for years now and we love them. Body Balance is like a super intense injection of minerals and vitamins made from sea vegetables. It’s our go-to aid for any sickness and digestive issues as well as the overall everyday immune booster.

Omega Juicers

Do your research well if you are planing on buying a juicer. There is a lot of good brands out there and also a lot of bad ones too. Getting a slow press juicer may cost you a little more then a centrifugal one on the beginning but it will pay off after a few uses as the pulp is much drier. There is a lot of reasons why we went with Omega brand. Easy cleaning and efficiency are just a couple of them.

Vibrating Plate

It’s an amazing little tool that tones your body but its benefits for health are even greater. The vibrations help to move your lymph around detoxing your entire body. Especially useful for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Not enough room here to list all the wonderful things you get from using it. Do your research and you’ll be amazed! We like this particular one because it’s the most powerful in it’s price range.

Pure Formulas

This is our trusted source of getting a lot of our natural supplements and cosmetics we use on a regular basis. We love this online store mostly because they are very strict with their brand choices. It’s like a candy land for all the natural and holistic living enthusiasts.

Green+Life Cookware

What we like about this particular brand? Definitely their color choices 🙂 But also the fact that their non-stick ceramic pots and pans are completely safe and non-toxic like the ones that use teflon.

Berkey filters

We’ve been using Berkey filter for a year now and we are very happy with it. We bought it after doing a very in-depth research on different filtration systems, testing their properties and abilities to filter fluoride, chlorine and other toxic components and this is definitely our winer.
*They have limitations on shipping certain models to California and Internationally. If it applies to you just order it here.


A good, powerful blender is a must-have item for every health and beauty enthusiast. We blend every single day and we like using Vitamix and Blendtec because we found these two brands to be the most durable and have the most power to completely blend even the hardest seeds like the ones from blackberries.

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Infrared Sauna Blanket

You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits of infrared sauna. This is a home version of it. We’re not affiliated with Gizmo Supply co but we’ve been using some of their products for a while now and we this is one of our favorites. We’ve done a lot of research before deciding about this one. It is a pretty cool gadget for people who want to tone their body while detoxing it.